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Owner Elena Klistoff has been a Certified Massage Therapist since 2003. Though she specializes in massage therapy, she has recently increased her repertoire to include luxurious facials and peels using Le Mieux products. In addition to these wonderful products, Elena also offers her own organically created skin care line. We are located in the heart of Riverside off of Central/Magnolia Avenues.  Call us today to get scheduled!

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We specialize in deep tissue massage, deep pressure is applied to individual muscles. It is used primarily to release trigger points (intense knots of muscle tension that refer pain to other parts of the body).


Our expert Esthetician create a personalized facial just for you and, depending on your skin type, some components may vary to achieve maximum results. You’ll feel radiant and refreshed after your facial and we’ll ensure your naturally beautiful self-shines through.


We offer four different chemical peel treatments designed to improve the appearance of your skin. All chemical peels are customized to suit your skin type and skin condition. A series of treatments are usually recommended to get the results you expect.

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